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Posturight Chair – PO500

Ergonomic Self Check

  • Alternate between sitting and standing activities.
  • Avoid continuous keying by alternating tasks.
  • Maintain a comfortable and steady keystroke rate.
  • Vary your posture by performing stretching exercises regularly.
  • Items used most frequently (eg. phone) should be placed as close
    to your body as possible.
  • Avoid twisting and turning motions.
  • Your body should be “tucked in” between the desk and your chair.
  • If you are using a laptop for prolonged periods, use a laptop station or external monitor, keyboard and mouse.
  • Take frequent short breaks.
  • Muscles are designed to move! Change your posture regularly.

Stationery Cupboard - Hot Price

1800 high steel cupboard with 4 shelf levels... View

Steel Stationery Cupboard / Office Cabinets

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  • Flexible financial payment options available. Call us on (02) 9477 7755 to discuss.
  • 10% discount for pensioners
  • Open on Saturday by appointment only